YouTube is testing “smart download” video on Android

The service will choose and download videos to your smartphone.

YouTube tests smart download» videos on Android

If you use YouTube Music, you probably know about the Smart Downloads feature in the Android app. In fact, it allows you to download some tracks offline when connected to Wi-Fi, so that later you do not waste mobile data while listening to them. A similar solution will be coming to the YouTube app soon.

This feature will automatically download 20 videos every week when you're connected to Wi-Fi. Offline content will appear on the Downloads page (Library tab).

YouTube is testing smart video download on Android

YouTube is testing smart video download on Android

The videos will be selected based on an algorithm that probably analyzes your browsing history and the genres of your favorite content on the platform. If there is not enough memory for the video, the service will notify you to free up space.

According to 9to5Google, some users in Europe have already received an invitation to try out the new YouTube feature. This feature is only available on Android 12 with a YouTube Premium subscription.