Google is testing an analog of AirPlay for Android 13

It will become much easier to stream media content to other devices.

Google is testing an AirPlay analogue for Android 13

The first preliminary announcement of Android 13 may take place only in the spring, but more and more details about the upcoming system improvements are already appearing on the Web. One of them may be an analogue of AirPlay technology, which was noticed by the editors of the Android Police portal.

Citing a trusted anonymous source, they showed two screenshots of a new feature tentatively called Media TTT (tap-to-transfer). It is designed to wirelessly stream media content between a smartphone and other devices in the user's environment.

Google is testing an AirPlay analog for Android 13

Google is testing an AirPlay analog for Android 13

With its help, audio or video can be broadcast to an external screen, audio speaker or, for example, a tablet. On the smartphone, a notification will appear at the top of the display when outputting to another device.

The system may also prompt you to bring the smartphone closer to start playback on the other device. This will probably use NFC or UWB technology, which will allow you to quickly set up a connection.

The casting technology itself can function through Google Casting protocols and, therefore, will be able to work with Chromecast. Recently, Google just announced plans to add support for this technology to more devices of its partners.

At the end of December, it became known about a number of other possible improvements in Android 13, including the ability to change the application language, support Bluetooth LE Audio and more.