Xiaomi smartphones began to block potentially dangerous applications

We are talking about Pure Mode in MIUI, which is designed to protect user data. prilozhenija-6011c22.jpg” alt=”Xiaomi smartphones have begun blocking potentially dangerous applications” />

A significant part of the applications that users install has never passed an information security audit. Some of these programs are potentially dangerous, and sometimes they are even found in official stores.

A new feature of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones called Pure Mode is designed to protect users from data theft by such applications. When enabled, MIUI 13 enters a special mode in which potentially dangerous software cannot be installed.

In Pure Mode, applications are automatically checked for compatibility, data collection without user consent, and the presence of viruses and other malicious code . In addition, users can use it to manually test programs to make sure they are safe.

Pure Mode is enabled in the operating system settings. You can bypass its mode only manually: go to the mode settings and select the “Allow this installation” item. Another option is to completely disable Pure Mode in the settings.

The feature is already available on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones in China and is likely to spread worldwide soon.