Windows 11 has a search bar on the desktop

It only uses Edge, regardless of the default browser selected by the user. -rabochem-stole-f5e5f0c.jpg” alt=”Windows 11 has a search bar on the desktop” />

Daria Gromova

Lifehacker Author

< p>On Windows 11 desktop search bar

With the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25120, some users have a desktop search bar.

When available, this feature is enabled automatically and allows you to search for information in Edge without opening the browser itself. At the same time, the search engine ignores the default browser and always uses Microsoft Edge.

Windows 11 has a search bar on the desktop

The search bar can be removed. To do this, just right-click on the desktop, select “Show advanced options” and disable the checkbox next to the “Show search” item.

It is not yet known whether this feature will appear in the stable version of the system: it all depends on the feedback beta users. In addition, it can exit in a modified form: for example, it will learn to use the browser selected by the user. It is also possible that the ability to hide it from the desktop will be removed from the final assembly.

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