How to make your hair beautiful and not fall out

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How to make hair beautiful and not fall out

Is there any use in hair masks? For a real recovery of the hair, of course, and not physically oiling them until the next shampoo?

Probably not, but that's how you see it. No agent can penetrate inside the hair itself and change something there. If there is a problem with the hair, then it may be the scalp, and then there are ways to change the situation. To do this, you need to go to a trichologist.

The mask is a more concentrated balm, it helps to smooth out the scales on the hair, which makes them visually more pleasant. A mask can also help moisturize the scalp if it is dry. In general, hair is unlikely to be healed by definition – they are already dead, hehe. And split ends can only be cut off. More interesting and more detailed about all this is written in “Kuprum”.

What should I do if I'm going bald?

If you are not being dramatic and the situation is really sudden and shocking, then feel free to go to a trichologist – a doctor who is responsible for hair.

The doctor will help you find reason. Sometimes age is to blame, sometimes chronic stress or hormonal changes (pregnancy, taking certain drugs). There are cures for hair loss problems, but it is important to understand the cause. Here is an article for you, read it.

Is it true that you can't joyfully wash yourself with shower gel twice a day?

No, in fact, there are no studies that would confirm the harm of shower gel and frequent showering. They say that the only real harm is that we use a lot of water, which is not environmentally friendly.

There are diseases in which you need to monitor showering, choose the right gels and water temperature, for example, eczema. Otherwise, everything is ok, wash yourself, please. It's better to do it than not to do it. Most of the articles about which shower gels are harmful are published on organic cosmetics websites – conclusions can also be drawn from this. Here's an article from the Huffington Post with good sources.

How to make sure that the hairs from the head do not fall off every brush, like a shedding cat's fur?

We lose 50 per day -100 hair, and this is the norm. So your shedding cat ball is most likely the product of combing out these same guys. In addition, excessive hair loss is less related to combing, and more to your condition and well-being, sometimes it’s just a disease.

It seems that science does not have an exact answer about how to comb your hair so as not to harm hair. It is clear that it is better not to scratch wet hair, not to scratch from top to bottom at the start, not to scratch a lot at once – in short, carefully and gently.

Here is an nhs article about hair loss, maybe the eye will catch the cause or allow you to calm down .

Remember that you are the most beautiful beauty with or without hair, do not care at all!

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