Windows 11 adds improvements to the taskbar and start menu

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With the next update in the operating system Windowe 11 will be a couple of important improvements. One of them was the appearance of the clock and date on the taskbar on additional screens connected to the main PC. Previously, for this functionality, users had to resort to third-party utilities like ElevenClock.

The second change was a more flexible setup of the Start menu. Now it will be possible to display more pinned icons or recommended files in it.

Windows 11 has added improvements to the taskbar and start menu

In System Preferences, file and folder sharing settings have been moved, as well as the network discovery item. They can now be found on the Advanced Network Settings page.

It's also worth noting that some parts of the Control Panel will now redirect Windows 11 users to the main Settings app. The editors of The Verge believe that at this pace, Microsoft is getting closer and closer to the final removal of the Control Panel in favor of simple and understandable settings.

All these changes are now available in the latest Insider build of Windows 11. After the break-in, they will begin to appear in the stable version of the system.