Due to the “version 100 problem” of browsers, many sites may be unavailable

Experts have found more than 20 bugs due to the fact that sites will not be able to read three-digit versions of Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Due to the '100 version' issue in browsers, many sites may be unavailable

Chrome and Edge developers have released official 98 versions of browsers, Firefox has only one less. Soon all of these programs will receive versions with three-digit numbers, and this may disrupt online services.

Test and beta versions of browsers already have numbers 99, the release of 100s will take place in the coming weeks. But some services are not able to read three-digit version numbers from the user agent (User Agent).

User Agent is a string with data about the operating system, browser engine and other key information that is transmitted through the HTTP header of the page. It allows services to adapt the appearance of the site for a specific browser, warn about version incompatibilities, block access to all or certain functions.

Browser developers from Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft have already begun testing sites in browsers with version 100 in the User Agent. They report problems in a special repository on GitHub. There are 22 relevant items on the list, more than half have the status of “critically serious”. The biggest sites that might be down are Slack, HBO Go, Bethesda, and Yahoo.

Due to the 'Version 100' issue in browsers, many sites may be unavailable

A similar situation arose in 2010 when browsers reached version 10. Some of the problems with parsing libraries for websites have been resolved, but some points still need to be improved.

Mozilla said that if failures become massive, the Firefox version will be frozen at around 99. Together with colleagues from Google, the developers added a function to display the hundredth version in browsers in order to quickly collect information about possible problems.