Macros and batch grouping of tabs appeared in the Vivaldi browser

Now the user can create a chain of commands and run it with a key combination. gruppirovka-vkladok-2116d2a.jpg” alt=”Macros and batch grouping of tabs appeared in the Vivaldi browser” />

More recently, the Vivaldi browser received the functions of a translator, news feed and mail client, having been updated to version 4.0, and today version 4.1 arrived in time. It contains several important innovations.

Batch grouping of tabs

This is the familiar “lamp” grouping – the same one that first appeared in Opera 11 a little over 10 years ago. When creating a group of tabs, all of them are hidden under the button with an arrow, and when you click on it, they expand.

If you have several groups, then when you click one of them will expand, and all the others that have become inactive will collapse. You can configure their work in the browser settings.

Command chains

These are convenient macros. With their help, users can create a sequence of commands in the browser settings so that the desired actions are performed one after another – with a delay or even simultaneously.

Macros and batch grouping of tabs appeared in the Vivaldi browser

For example, Vivaldi will be able to open several pages for you at once or group tabs on a certain request. In total, more than 200 browser commands are available.

Also, the new version of Vivaldi for Windows has a background auto-update option. Now the latest version of the browser will be downloaded and installed without user intervention. The developers also fixed the problems of importing passwords from Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

You can download Vivaldi 4.1 from the official website.