Windows blue screen of death is back

It will look the same as before.

Windows blue screen of death is back

In July 2021, it became known that Microsoft decided to change the background of the infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Then with one of the builds of the OS, it turned black, but now the developers decided to return everything.

“We changed the color of the screen to blue when the device stops working or a system error occurs, as in previous versions of Windows,” noted Microsoft representatives in a note to the latest Windows 11 patch.

The reasons for this decision are not mentioned, but this may be due to frequent calls to technical support. After all, users, describing problems with a computer to a specialist, often mention a black screen. A support agent may mistake the problem for a monitor malfunction, failing to quickly and competently help the user. Now it will be immediately clear that we are talking about the blue “screen of death”, indicating a critical failure.