Opera browser adds support for emoji instead of web addresses

No more www and .com. ” alt=”Opera browser added emoji support instead of web addresses” />

Opera Browser announced a partnership with the Yat platform, which allows you to create and sell emoji URLs. This made Opera the first browser to allow you to enter emoji instead of the page address.

In normal browsers, you need to type y.at at the beginning of the line to follow an emoji link. For example, a link to the Young Money music label would look like “y.at/👽🎵”. This shorthand redirects to youngmoney.com. But in the new version of Opera, you only need to type “👽🎵” to go to the same page.

The new feature only supports pages created through the Yat system and is available in browser versions for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, as well as in the Crypto Browser Project, Opera's crypto browser, which is currently in public beta testing.