WhatsApp web version gets security check extension

It adds an indicator that will show if your data is secure. bezopasnosti-29f4a9d.jpg” alt=”Whatsapp web version gets security check extension” />

Meta has launched a new extension for Chrome and Edge browsers. It is called Code Verify and, as the name implies, allows you to verify the authenticity of the page code. This ensures that the official WhatsApp client is being used.

Whatsapp web version got security check extension

Once installed, the extension will start working as soon as the user launches WhatsApp in the same browser. A green indicator means that everything is in order, orange means that the page cannot be verified (perhaps due to a conflict with another extension), and red means that the page is not authenticated. Code Verify is noted to be open source.

Whatsapp web version got a security check extension

You can install Code Verify from the official stores for Chrome and Edge. A version of the extension for Mozilla Firefox is already in development and should be released soon.