VKontakte has released vmoji – virtual user avatars

They are used in unique stickers that look like a user (or not: you decide). -avatary-polzovatelej-91ba6c2.jpg” alt=””VKontakte” released vmoji — virtual user avatars” />

Daria Gromova

Author of Lifehacker

VKontakte released vmoji — virtual avatars users

Vmoji — personalized avatars that can be used in stickers when corresponding or responding to posts — have been launched on the VKontakte social network. In fact, this is an analogue of Memoji, Samsung AR Emoji and other technologies that are usually tied to the ecosystems of different manufacturers. Only in the case of VKontakte, it does not matter what manufacturer your phone or computer is.

VKontakte released vmoji — virtual avatars users

You can create a virtual avatar in the current version of the application for iOS or Android. You can trust the algorithms and make a character from a photo (using your profile picture, a new selfie or a photo from your smartphone gallery), or select each element manually: from skin color to hairstyle.

The basic editor and stickers are offered for free, but for access to some premium accessories will have to pay a few votes. At the start, only cat and fox ears are available, each option costs 5 votes. Probably, the list of paid options will increase in the future.

To create a vmoji, just go to any chat, click on the emoji icon and select the vmoji icon in the bottom panel – it will be to the right of the recently used stickers. After customizing the character, a personalized set will appear in the list of stickers.

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