Avast and Norton antiviruses leave Russia

Products cannot be purchased or upgraded.

Avast and Norton antiviruses are leaving from Russia

Avast has stopped deliveries of its software to Russia and Belarus. And NortonLifeLock Inc. has already blocked the ability for Russian users to update anti-virus databases.

Avast stressed that the company has both Russian and Ukrainian employees. The company continues to pay them salaries, helps with relocation from high-risk areas, and works to protect and support them.

NortonLifeLock Inc., the developer of Norton antivirus, has also suspended sales and services to Russian customers. Users note that they cannot reinstall the antivirus purchased earlier and update the virus record databases. The Norton website does not allow downloading the program for downloading the antivirus, and during registration it says that there is no connection with the server, writes Interfax.

In August 2021, NortonLifeLock acquired Avast Software for $8 billion. Sales in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus combined accounted for about 1.5% of Avast's revenue, according to Reuters.

Earlier, antivirus developer Eset also stopped selling new licenses for its products in Russia and Belarus. But the purchased licenses are still working, and customers can renew them.