Unofficial Windows 11 installer steals user data

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Daria Gromova

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Unofficial Windows 11 installer steals user data

Cybersecurity experts from CloudSEK have reported a new malware that is being distributed under the guise of a Windows 11 upgrade file. To do this, attackers create fake sites that imitate official Microsoft pages in order to attract inattentive users who want to try out the new version of the system.

< p>The devil is in the details: although the page design is often copied or heavily inspired by the official one, upon closer examination, the strange address catches the eye.

Unofficial Windows 11 installer steals user data

If the user does not notice the substitution and clicks the download button, he will receive an ISO file containing malware. Accordingly, when you try to install a system update, your computer becomes infected with a virus. Moreover, everything happens unnoticed: the malware simply creates a couple of TMP files.

Experts called this virus Inno Stealer. They noted that its code is different from other programs that steal data. In addition, it is not yet in the TotalVirus database, a popular independent file scanning service for viruses and other malware.

Once on the computer, Inno Stealer starts collecting data from Chrome, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi browsers, crypto wallets wallet-backup\, WalletWasabi and wallet.dat are also targeted. As a result, both personal data and the user's cryptocurrency are at risk.

To avoid infection, it is recommended to download the Windows 11 update only from the official Microsoft website and carefully check the page address.

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