VK and Mintsifra announced the RuStore app store

Another alternative to Google Play, which will be available to try in a week. rustore-7645953.jpg” alt=”VK and Mintsifra announced the RuStore app store” />

Daria Gromova

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VK and Mintsifry announced the RuStore app store< /p>

The Russian Internet Forum (RIF) announced an alternative Android app store RuStore. VK Group invests in its creation, state funds for development will not be attracted.

VK and Mintsifry announced the RuStore app store

In beta mode, the store will start working on May 25th. More than 100 applications were announced at the start, and in the future their number will be replenished with programs from both Russian and foreign developers.

By the summer of this year, it is planned to add application ratings, a notification system and the ability to pay. The commission for developers has not yet been named: it is only specified that it will not exceed 15%. Analytics and marketing tools will be added by the end of the year.

VK and the Ministry of Digital Transformation announced the RuStore app store

Kaspersky will be responsible for app moderation and security checks. Also, before publishing, the store will check that the rights and development really belong to the people who proposed the application in RuStore. Information about the developer will be displayed on the application page.

It is noted that the application was developed from scratch and the authors understand that it is impossible to create a store with all the functions in a short time. Nevertheless, the service is expected to develop and expand, competing with other platforms.

VK CEO Maxim Kiriyenko also stressed that the store will offer benefits and support to developers who decide to transfer their applications from Google Play, but force them no one will. It is proposed to motivate app creators with lower commissions and more convenient and easier work with the service.

Earlier this week, another alternative app store for Android, Nash Store, was introduced in Russia.

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