12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

You no longer have to put up with an unfamiliar taskbar and context menu. 750e860.jpg” alt=”12 Windows 11 issues that are easy to fix” />

1. Taskbar icons centered

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

The first thing you notice when you start using the new Windows is the icons on the taskbar now not on the left, but in the middle, as in macOS. Some will like it, especially if the monitor is ultra-wide. But many will find this decision extremely unusual.

The fact is that now the icons are shifted when you open new programs, and it becomes impossible to blindly hit the desired icon.

So if you are used to launching programs or opening the Start menu without looking in the “Ten” , using muscle memory alone, this trick will not work here.

What to do

Right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar Options → Taskbar Behavior.


12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

In the Taskbar Alignment section, change the option from Center to Left.

2. Frequent actions in the context menu are invoked by icons ispravit-f249da0.jpg” alt=”12 Windows 11 issues that are easy to fix” />

Microsoft decided to make its OS beautiful and minimalistic, focusing on macOS and Linux with GNOME. Unfortunately, in some places functionality was sacrificed for the sake of elegant appearance.

For example, the context menu, as in previous versions of Windows, was made beautiful, but very small. And to get access to the necessary actions, you constantly have to click on the “Show advanced options” button. Only then will the good old context menu from Windows 10 appear in front of you.

This solution is confusing, requires an extra click, and takes a lot of time if you are going to do anything other than copy and paste with the files. Even opening text not in Notepad, but in an additional editor becomes a slightly more non-trivial task.

But the most depressing thing is that the most common actions like cutting or deleting files in Windows 11 are represented not by text, but by icons. This is unusual not only for Windows 10 users, but also for those who spent all their time on macOS or Linux, because the context menus looked plus or minus the same on all systems.

What to do

With a little hack, you can bring back the old context menu. Open the Start menu and type “Command Prompt”. Right-click on the found program and click “Run as administrator”. Enter the command:

reg.exe add “HKCUSoftwareClassesCLSID{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}InprocServer32” /f /ve

Press Enter and restart your computer. After that, you will see that the context menu has become like in Windows 10.

12 Windows 11 issues that are easy to fix

If you want to undo changes, use the command:

reg.exe delete “HKCUSoftwareClassesCLSID{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}” /f

3. Unable to drag icons to taskbar

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

Actually, that says it all. Do you want to transfer some program from Start or from the desktop to the taskbar – but you can’t. In addition, dragging files to the icons of programs pinned in the taskbar no longer works.

In general, Microsoft promisesMicrosoft is trying to fix Windows 11 taskbar issues/Windows Latest to return everything as it was, but it is not known when it will be.< /p>

What to do

To save a program to the taskbar, you need to run it, right-click on the icon, and then click on “Pin to taskbar”. Or select the same item in the context menu in the “Start”. These are unnecessary gestures, but now you can’t do without them.

12 Windows 11 issues that are easy to fix

As for opening files by dragging them to the taskbar, there are programs and registry hacks on the web that are supposed to bring this feature back, but with recent updates, they seem to have stopped working.

4. The taskbar itself no longer moves

12 Windows 11 issues that are easy to fix

By default in Windows 10, the taskbar is at the bottom of the screen, but you can place it on the top, right, or left. It can also be resized by simply stretching it.

This is useful for productivity freaks and those with large screens, because the taskbar moved to the side can fit more windows and take up less space. And if you pin the taskbar to the top of the monitor, you will quickly access frequently used icons without moving the cursor up and down.

But in Windows 11 this trick will not work.

What to do< /h3>

The miniature free utility Taskbar11 can partly solve the problem and move the taskbar to the top. The popular Start11 program can do the same, but it costs $5.99.

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

But these applications will not be able to move the panel to the right or left. Both the start menu and notifications will open in their old places, no matter what hacks you use. So owners of laptops with a small screen and fans of multitasking will be left with nothing.

5. The new File Explorer is beautiful, but not very functional -easy-ispravit-57cefcf.jpg” alt=”12 Windows 11 issues that are easy to fix” />

The updated File Explorer in Windows 11 looks beautiful, but it also has much fewer controls. And the tape with frequently used tools has completely disappeared. This will appeal to fans of minimalism, but not multitasking.

What to do

Open the registry editor and find HKEYLOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionShell Extensions

In it, create a Blocked section, and inside it, a string parameter called {e2bf9676-5f8f-435c-97eb-11607a5bedf7}

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

Reboot and File Explorer will look like it did in Windows 10: the ribbon with tools will return to its place.

6. The updated start menu has become less functional -ispravit-468e9e1.jpg” alt=”12 Windows 11 issues that are easy to fix” />

Start menu now looks stylish and takes up more space, but contains fewer icons.< /p>

In addition, if in Windows 10 you just had to open “Start” and scroll the mouse wheel to access all the programs installed on your computer, now you must first find the “All Programs” submenu – and only then you will get access to the alphabetical list. Another extra click that needs to be wasted.

What to do

There are several apps that change the Start menu for more functional options. For example, the already mentioned Start11 for $5.99 can bring you back the menu style from Windows 10, from the Seven, or implement your own Modern.

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

< p>Alternately, StartAllBack, for the same $5.99, offers a beautiful new Start that combines the goodness of Tens with the style of Windows 11.

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

And finally, for those who don't want to spend money, there's the free Open-Shell program. It's not as pretty, but still comfortable. To make it work properly in Windows 11, activate the Replace Start button item in the application settings.

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

And don't forget to move the taskbar icons to the left side.

7. Can't resize taskbar

12 Windows 11 issues that are easy to fix

Windows 11 has pretty big icons on the taskbar by default. This is justified on large monitors or tablets with touch controls, but on laptops with relatively small screens, the taskbar takes up too much space.

In the “Ten” the problem was easily solved with a single switch “Use small icons”. But in Windows 11, there is no such option.

So it is simply impossible to change the size of the taskbar and icons on it using standard tools.

What to do

The already mentioned free program Taskbar11 will help owners of small screens and lovers of economical distribution of space.

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

Among other things, it can change the size of the taskbar and its icons to “large”, “medium” and “small”.

8. The Edge browser is very intrusive .jpg” alt=”12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix” />

In Windows 10, changing the browser is very easy. Go to the “Default Programs” settings and in the “Browser” section select the program that you need. But in Windows 11, everything is more complicated.

Moreover, if you change your web browser, the system will talk you out of it.

What to do

Click “Start” → “Settings” → “Applications” → “Default Apps”. Find your Chrome or other browser there and set it as the default program for the HTM, HTTP, HTTPS, XHTML, SHTML and optionally PDF file types. Each line will have to be adjusted manually, but you will have to put up with it.

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

Note that Edge will still continue to pop up if you click on a widget or try to search the web through Start. Previously, this problem could be solved by installing the EdgeDeflector program, but now it has stopped working.

9. Changing any default program is tedious -90835c1.jpg” alt=”12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix” />

The mentioned difficulties do not only apply to the browser, but to all default applications in Windows 11.

If you are, say, a photographer and want your pictures to be opened in some CyberLink PhotoDirector, you will also have to change the viewer separately for each format – BMP, DNG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, NEF.

The same goes for documents and videos if you plan to use more than just the built-in programs of Windows 11. Even installing a banal video player like VLC becomes a very exhausting task.

What to do

Solution the same as in the case of the browser – make a couple of dozen extra clicks in the “Default applications” parameter.

10. You cannot open folders with the necessary files from the search -easy-ispravit-618ece1.jpg” alt=”12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix” />

Windows 10 has a very handy Start search. With it, you can open not only the files you are looking for, but also the folders that contain them.

Let's say you found your document with “Start”, but you do not need to open it, but copy it to another location or delete it altogether. Right-click on it and select “Open File Folder”. The file will appear in front of you in Explorer, and you can do whatever you need with it. This is very cool.

But in Windows 11, when you right-click on the found files, only the option “Copy path” appears.

What to do

Copy the path to the found file. Then open “Explorer”, paste the copied link there. Erase the name and extension of the file from it, leaving only the address of the folder containing it, and press Enter.

12 Windows 11 problems, which are easy to fix

Only then will you open the folder in which the file you are looking for is located. It's better than manually sorting through folders.

11. Taskbar buttons are always grouped

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

By default, in both Windows 11 and Windows 10, program icons on the taskbar do not have labels. As a result, windows are harder to aim at.

In addition, you can't guess which documents you have open where, because they are all grouped into one icon. You will have to point the mouse at it and try to see something in the pop-up windows.

Windows 10 has an option to make managing icons a little more comfortable. In the taskbar settings, find the option “Group taskbar buttons” and select “Never”. Now the icons will be provided with convenient labels, it will be much easier to aim at them and distinguish between open files.

But in Windows 11 this feature was removed. Perhaps to make the taskbar look more minimalistic and stylish.

What to do

The already mentioned StartAllBack program returns a more familiar and convenient look to the icons on the taskbar.

12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix

Unfortunately, it costs $5.99.

12. The system forces you to use a Microsoft account -fec72d5.jpg” alt=”12 Windows 11 problems that are easy to fix” />

When you create a user account, Windows 11 Home will prompt you to enter your email address and account password Microsoft or register one.

In the “Ten”, if you did not need an account, you could create a local account without being tied to Microsoft. This feature was immediately removed.

What to do

Before installing Windows 11, disconnect your computer from the Internet. If the system asks for Wi-Fi access, do not connect your network. If you have a cable, disconnect it from the PC. Then the system will still allow you to create a local account.