macOS Monterey update breaks some computers

With the transition to the new version, it's worth the wait: even current models suffer. -3a9b8c7.jpg” alt=”Upgrading to macOS Monterey breaks some computers” />

There are a lot of reports on the web from Mac users who are having trouble updating their computers to the new macOS Monterey. The symptoms are different (for some, the computer does not turn on at all, for others it constantly turns off, for others, functions critical for the operation of the system fail), but the result is the same: it is impossible to use the device.

The error is observed on a variety of devices: from MacBook Air (2015) to 16-inch MacBook Pro (2020.) The vast majority of affected computers have Intel processors.

Updating to macOS Monterey breaks some computers

This is not how simple OS updates should work. Trying to reinstall Monterey for the 50th time to resurrect a dead iMac. I can't even restore it via Time Machine because I can't get to the data transfer stage.

Updating to macOS Monterey breaks some computers

Do not upgrade to macOS Monterey. My 16″ MacBook Pro (2020) died at the end of the installation process. Picked it up from repair 24 hours and $99 later. Apple, is this even normal?

Updating to macOS Monterey breaks some computers

MacBook Pro (2019) bricked again for the second time in two years. Connectors do not work, charging does not pass. The SMC settings cannot be reset because the computer is not charging.

Upgrading to macOS Monterey breaks some computers

Don't upgrade to Monterey until it's stable! My MacBook Air (2015) automatically shuts down after 5 minutes, even if it hasn't booted yet. It cannot be used.

Upgrading to macOS Monterey breaks some computers

macOS Monterey bricked my new work MacBook. As soon as you agree to the update, the computer freezes and a forced reset starts. This is the third time this has happened.

There is no solution to this problem yet. Apple is already working on macOS 12.1, but its release in November was not planned. We may be waiting for an interim update that will fix this error: based on the responses from tech support under some Twitter posts, Apple has already acknowledged the problem and is hopefully working on a fix.

Anyway, with an update to Monterey you should not rush – especially if you have a computer or laptop with an Intel processor.