Apple Explains Why MacBooks Don't Have Face ID and Touch Screen

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Apple has released new MacBook Pros with iPhone notches, but , contrary to expectations, there is no Face ID module in it. There is another thing that the company studiously ignores: touchscreen laptops. In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal (quoted by 9to5Mac), Apple spokesmen explained both of these decisions.

While Windows and Chrome OS laptop manufacturers have been introducing touch screens into their devices for a long time, Apple continues to release MacBooks without touch input . John Turnus, Senior Vice President of Apple commented:

We are releasing the world's best touch computer, the iPad. At the same time, Macs are fully optimized for indirect input [keyboard, touchscreen, etc.]. We don't think there's any reason to change that.

John Turnus

As for Face ID, Apple's VP of Mac and iPad marketing Tom Boger noted that it's much more convenient to use Touch ID on laptops because your hands The user is already on the keyboard.

Also, Ternus and Boger noted that Apple has no plans to release a waterproof MacBook, since the company does not see a user request for such a model. And they called the inability to upgrade the RAM a sacrifice that had to be made for the sake of combined memory, which was one of the reasons for the increase in laptop power after switching to Apple Silicon.