macOS Monterey introduces a factory reset feature

The principle of operation is the same as on the iPhone. -151bd76.jpg” alt=”macOS Monterey now has a factory reset feature” />

Yesterday, Apple released macOS Monterey for all compatible Macs. New features include not only SharePlay, Focus Modes, and a redesigned Safari, but also an Erase Content and Settings feature that lets you prepare your PC for handover or a clean system reinstall.

Considering that the feature debuted in Monterey, to use it, the computer must be updated to a new version of the OS. It is also important to note that it only works on computers with Apple processors or Intel models with a T2 security chip (iMac Pro 2017 and all devices 2018 and newer). If it is important for you to save some data, it is recommended to make a backup copy in advance via Time Machine, or upload files to an external drive or to the cloud.

Factory reset feature added to macOS Monterey

To clear all data, click on the apple icon on the top bar and select “Erase content and settings”. Confirm that you agree to sign out of your Apple ID, turn off Apple Pay and Find My, and delete other information, and wait for the cleanup to complete.

macOS Monterey now has a factory reset feature

After This will launch the System Setup Assistant to help you set up your Mac like new. After that, restore the previously saved data – and the computer can be used.