Apple suggested not using the top of the screen of the new MacBook Pro

Because many programs have not yet been adapted to the “bangs”. novyh-macbook-pro-04b129e.jpg” alt=”Apple suggested not using the top of the screen of the new MacBook Pro” />

Early users of the new 14” and 16” MacBook Pro complain that some applications are not ready for “ bangs” for the camera in the screen. In particular, if the application has a lot of tabs with settings in the top panel, some of them are hidden in the blind zone of the notch. The lack of thought comes to the point of absurdity: even standard macOS icons can be dragged into this zone – for example, “Battery”.

There is another problem: if the application has too many tabs, but is adapted for new MacBooks so that nothing gets in into the cut zone, these tabs may overlap the system icons located on the right side of the top bar.

Apple hasn't officially acknowledged this issue, but has released a manual for the “Scale to Camera Level” feature. The corresponding checkbox can be enabled in the settings of all applications that do not open correctly. Then, when they are launched, the icons and tabs of the top line will be under the camera and nothing will be in the blind zone.

At the same time, all the extra space that was freed up just thanks to the “bang” will not be used – in fact, the screen will look the same as on older MacBooks.

Apple suggested not using the top of the screen on the new MacBook Pro

This is positioned as a temporary solution for programs , which have not yet been adapted for new laptops. When the developers release a version that works correctly with the notch for the camera, this checkbox will disappear from the settings.