How to hide your online status in Telegram

So no one can see how long you've been online.

How to hide your online status in Telegram

Like other instant messengers, Telegram allows users to see when their friends have been online – or how long ago they have been online. If you don't want to be followed, you can hide your online status in the app. In this case, your profile will display the approximate time of activity: “recently”, “this week” or “this month”.

Setting it up is simple:

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  1. In the app, go to Settings → Privacy.
  2. Go to the Recent Activity section.
  3. Here you can set settings for both user groups and individual contacts. For example, you can select “No one”, but put a few exception users in the “Always show” list.

It is worth noting that the function works both ways: if you disable the display of online status for some users , you won't be able to view their status either.