Google Maps now shows places of interest from a bird's eye view –

Google Maps now shows places of interest from a bird's eye view

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Daria Gromova

Lifehacker Author

Google Maps now shows places of interest from a bird's eye view

Google has released a new immersive mode for Maps. If available, the location card will include a video from Google showing the landmark from the air. However, in the current version of the service, it disguises itself as a regular photo, so you will have to experiment to find which sights support the function.

Google positions this mode as a tool for tourists – to know in advance why you will be standing in queues or drive through the whole city – but also with its help you can satisfy your curiosity and see architectural monuments without leaving your home.

Realistic models were obtained using artificial intelligence, which analyzed billions of photographs and satellite images. Further, based on this model, a video is generated that demonstrates the object from all sides. True, you won’t be able to rotate the camera yourself, as in Street View.

At launch, the feature is available for 100 attractions in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, including Big Ben, Alcatraz, and the Empire State Building. Gradually, the list is planned to be expanded.

At the same time, a couple of new features have been introduced:

  • Improved navigation for cyclists: Notifications for high traffic, steps, and road type (to distinguish major highways from footpaths).
  • Arrival notification: When a friend sharing a location with you has arrived at a given location. Google emphasizes that it will remind users that they have data broadcast turned on so they don't forget to turn it off.

The new mode and other features are rolling out to Google Maps on iOS and Android around the world. the world. The update may take some time: if it is not available to you yet, you will have to wait a couple of days.

Cover: Marcin Nowak/Unsplash