The database of users of the online cinema Start got into the network

Representatives of the service confirmed the leak and reminded of the importance of regularly updating passwords.

V the network got a database of users of online cinema Start

Victor Podvolotsky

Author of Lifehacker

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Last weekend, a dump of the database of registered users of the Start online cinema was released to the public. It contains information about almost 44 million users and weighs about 72 GB. This was reported by DLBI cybersecurity specialists.

The leaked data contains records with first and last names, email addresses, hashed passwords, IP addresses, subscription start and end dates, and last login time.

Experts selectively checked random records from the dump through the password recovery function on the cinema website – all data turned out to be valid.

Start has already confirmed the leak, noting that the vulnerability has already been fixed and access to data closed. The information in the database is for 2021, and it does not contain clear text passwords, browsing history, and even more so bank card data, representatives of the service added.

It is not necessary to change the password, but Start recommends that all users do this regularly outside dependent on such leaks.

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