Microsoft moves to release new Windows every three years

Potential Windows 12 should be presented as early as 2024.

Microsoft switches to releasing new Windows every three years

Viktor Podvolotsky

Lifehacker Author

Microsoft moves to release new Windows every three years

Microsoft has decided to move to a new Windows development schedule that will see the company return to a more traditional three-year release cycle for major system updates. This was reported by the Windows Central portal, citing its own sources.

As part of the new schedule, the next version of Windows is scheduled for 2024, that is, the release will take place exactly three years after the launch of Windows 11 in 2021.

Between major updates, Microsoft plans to release updates more often with new features being rolled out to users of the latest version of Windows. They will be distributed as part of the ongoing Moments program, up to four times a year starting in 2023.

Microsoft has already tested this update program by adding a weather button to the taskbar in Windows 11 earlier this year. Similarly, other insider-tested new features will appear in the OS.

As for the 2024 release of Windows, little is known about this OS yet. It is currently in the early stages of planning and development, but people inside the company call it Next Valley. Expect the update to be significant.

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