“Google Forms” got integration with “Documents” and “Presentation”

Chart based on survey results in a couple of clicks. jpg” alt=””Google Forms” got integration with “Documents” and “Presentation”” />

Although Google Forms is popular and widely used for surveys, online tests, quizzes, and employee searches, it has long stood apart from other Google services. But now it will be more convenient to use this tool: answers from Forms can be directly integrated into Documents, Presentations or Pictures.

This will add a chart automatically generated from the responses to the page. And we are talking about data duplication, and not simple copying. When new answers are available, simply click Refresh to display the changes in the chart. Any user with rights to edit a document or presentation can do this.

The function is already being actively distributed among users, regardless of the type of subscription. Google notes that until March 15, it will be available to everyone.