“Balaboba” from “Yandex” learned how to create New Year's cards

They can be dedicated to a specific person.

Balaboba from Yandex learned how to create New Year's cards

In June 2021, Yandex launched the Balaboba service, which generates texts using a neural network on a given topic in different styles. Now the service can generate not only boyish quotes and conspiracy theories, but also New Year cards.

It is enough to enter input data – for example, a person's name and keywords for a more specific message (like “Anton money”) – and click “Nabalabobit”. After a few seconds, the neural network will issue a postcard with an animated landscape and a funny caption. You can click “Again” to look at another generation option – both the text and the image will change.

You can share the result on social networks, or copy the link to send it in a private message.

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