Google Fit for iOS adds heart rate measurement via iPhone camera

No wristbands or additional sensors are required.

Google Fit for iOS introduces heart rate measurement via iPhone camera

Earlier this year, Google introduced the ability to track heart rate and respiratory rate using Android -devices, and now this feature has appeared on the iPhone. All you need is the Google Fit app.

To measure the heart rate, you need to press your finger to the rear camera lens. The app recognizes “tiny changes in the color of your fingers” to capture blood flow. At the same time, the algorithms take into account lighting, skin tone, age, and other factors that can have an impact.

Google Fit for iOS now has heart rate measurement via iPhone camera

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For greater accuracy, it is recommended to turn on the flash on your smartphone or use an additional light source. The feature works offline without a network connection. The measurement process takes about 30 seconds. At the output, the user receives a heartbeat graph and the number of beats per minute with the ability to save the value in Google Fit. A deviation from the norm can also be indicated.

Breathing is assessed using the front camera of the smartphone. To do this, the device must be placed in front of you on a stable surface so that the head and the entire upper body enter the frame. Next, Google Fit will ask you to breathe using prompts to estimate the frequency of breaths based on chest movements.

Google warns that the measurements are not intended for medical purposes and should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease . Nevertheless, the accuracy of such measurements has been proven in clinical trials.

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