Apple Watch users complain of charging issues after system update –

Apple Watch users complain of charging issues after system update

The problem affected only non-original chargers. -sistemy-cbb7045.jpg” alt=”Apple Watch users complain about charging problems after system update” />

Updating to watchOS 8.3 “kills” support for non-genuine Apple Watch chargers. This is evidenced by posts on Reddit and thematic forums.

One of the users writes: “Updated the watch to [watchOS] 8.3 at night, put it on an unofficial charge in the morning. Approached an hour later – about 2% charged. I checked my wife's watch, the result is identical. Then I put it on the original charger – everything worked. It's annoying!”

There were a lot of users in the comments who faced the same problem. They claim that everything worked fine before the update. Most of the affected watches belong to the new Series 7 line, but there are isolated complaints from Series 6 users as well.

Typically, charging starts as usual, but abruptly stops after a couple of minutes. Restarting the watch helps some users, but this does not work in all cases.

Problems only appear when using third-party chargers (mainly 3-in-1 stands): if you connect the watch to a standard connector from Apple, everything works correctly. Stands from Belkin, which have been certified by Apple and are officially sold in the company's stores, also continue to work.

It is not yet known when Apple plans to fix this error: it is reported that it is still present in the watchOS 8.4 beta. If you have not upgraded to 8.3 yet and are using a non-original charger, it is better not to rush to update.