Telegram has launched a paid Premium subscription. That's what she gives

There are many improvements and bonuses, but the price turned out to be higher than expected. ona-daijot-6c71a55.jpg” alt=”Telegram has launched a paid Premium subscription. Here's what it gives” />

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< p>Telegram launched a paid Premium subscription. That's what it gives

Telegram in its blog reported that the number of active users of the messenger exceeded 700 million people. The official launch of the Premium subscription is timed to coincide with this event, which will support the further development of the service.

With Telegram Premium, almost all limits in the application are doubled: you can subscribe up to 1000 channel subscriptions; create up to 20 folders, each of which will fit up to 200 chats; connect a fourth account in the application; pin up to 10 chats in the main list and save up to 10 favorite stickers.

Telegram has launched a paid Premium subscription. Here's what it gives

The subscription will also allow users to:< /h2>

  • download files up to 4 GB instead of the previous 2 GB;
  • hide advertising messages in channels;
  • download files at maximum speed without restrictions;
  • send unique stickers and reactions;
  • add a longer description in the About section, as well as use any links;
  • add a longer caption to a photo or video;
  • make any folder the default folder – so that the application always opens, for example, on the “Work” or “Unread” folder instead of “All chats”;
  • simultaneously use up to 20 convenient short public links like t. me/for your groups and channels;
  • automatically archive new chats and turn off notifications about them – so that even the longest chat lists always remain in perfect order;
  • translate voice messages to text with the click of a button;
  • use new icons applications (iOS) – Telegram Premium symbol, night sky and jet paper airplane.

All subscribers in the chat list, the chat top bar and the list of group members will have a special Premium icon with an asterisk, symbolizing their contribution to supporting Telegram. They will also have always active video avatars that are played for all users in all sections of the application.

The cost of a Premium subscription is 449 rubles per month. For now, it's only available for iOS. In the Russian Federation, payment is possible from the mobile account of Beeline and MTS. Subscribers of these operators can also buy gift cards for users of other networks.

TelegramTelegram FZ-LLCPrice: Free

Telegram has launched a paid Premium subscription. Here's what it does


Price: Free

< p>On Android, an update with a subscription is not yet available, and users in Russia do not have the opportunity to pay for Premium on Google Play – Google has disabled payment for subscriptions in our country.