Fortnite will return to iPhone and iPad

True, just downloading it through the app store will not work.

Fortnite will return to iPhone and iPad

Nvidia and Epic Games will launch a closed beta testing of the cloud version of Fortnite for mobile devices. On devices with iOS and iPadOS, the game will be streamed in the browser version of GeForce NOW, on Android – in the mobile application of the service.

GeForce NOW is Nvidia's cloud service that allows you to play popular games on any device, for example, on weak computer or smartphone. All calculations are performed in the cloud, and a ready-made video stream is sent to the user's gadget, so only a good Internet connection speed is important. Nvidia stressed that they are working on adding support for touch screens in other games and are actively cooperating with publishers in this direction.

Fortnite beta testing applications have already started on the service website. True, access is still closed for Russia, because formally another official resource, GFN.RU, is engaged in the support of cloud gaming. He may soon implement support for the game.

Fortnite on iOS and Android was available until August 2020. But after the developer Epic Games added payment directly in games, bypassing official stores, Apple and Google removed the game from the Play Market and App Store. The trial ended in September 2021. As a result, Apple beat Epic Games on nine points out of ten, but the court still forbade the company to restrict developers from payments through the App Store.

Later, Apple achieved a delay in this decision, but the Fortnite application did not return to stores. For Android, the game can be downloaded via a link or a QR code from the developer's website.