Best iOS app of 2021 according to Lifehacker

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This year's Best App is BlackSight, a specialized night camera that even works on older iPhones.

Best iOS App of 2021 by Lifehacker

The app uses slow shutter speeds and the magic of computational photography algorithms to get the most out of your device and get high-quality photos at dusk and at night. Pictures can be taken not only on the main camera, but also on all auxiliary ones, including the front one.

With manual settings and useful features such as soft lighting with LED flash, there is a lot of room for creativity. At the same time, all photos are processed locally on your device and are not sent anywhere.

Lifehacker's Best iOS App of 2021

BlackSight: Night mode cameraFoxfortMobilePrice: Free

Lifehacker's Best iOS App of 2021


Price: Free

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