“Yandex” released “Messenger” for organizations

It will allow you to separate personal communication and work correspondence, as well as open access to chat bots that simplify document processing. messenger-dlja-organizacij-a13aa82.jpg” alt=””Yandex” released “Messenger” for organizations” />

Victor Podvolotsky

Author of Lifehacker

«Yandex» released « Messenger» for organizations

Yandex has released a corporate version of Messenger. It is included in the set of Yandex 360 services for business and is offered to companies at no additional charge. Here are its main features:

  • In the updated application, work correspondence is separated from personal: all communication takes place in a closed loop, so a work message cannot be accidentally sent to a friend by confusing chats.
  • The same address book is available in Messenger as in Mail or Calendar. This allows you to quickly find the right person or create a chat with an entire department in a couple of clicks.

  • It is convenient to publish company news in channels that employees can subscribe to. And to get the opinion of colleagues, you can create a survey, the results of which can be easily exported to Excel.

  • You can communicate both by text and by video link or by using voice messages, which are accompanied by a text transcript. You can also mark messages as important so that all participants receive a notification about it (even with disabled notifications).

  • In the new application, you can create a chat bot that will help employees arrange vacations or car passes. In addition, the company can install widgets on its internal resources for a quick transition to Messenger.

Messenger was officially launched back in April 2020. The service application is available on Android and iOS, as well as in all key products of the company. The new version for business can be connected through the official website.