Windows 11 update finally fixes HDD and SSD speed problem

Due to a bug, memory modules could run 50% slower than usual.

Windows 11 update finally fixed the HDD and SSD speed problem

Since October 2021, users have reported a problem with Windows 11 working with traditional hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs). Microsoft recognized this and explained in the description of the November patch KB5007262: with each write operation, the system performed unnecessary actions, as a result, the performance of computers dropped.

But it turned out that after installing the KB5007262 update, the speed was restored only on some devices. The new optional Windows 11 patch KB5008353 fixes the bug for all users.

In the patch notes, the developers also emphasized that they fixed another bug with the USN internal system log of the NTFS file system. This bug also affected performance.

Users note that after installing the update, Windows 11 finally loads at about the same speed as Windows 10. The patch also speeded up File Explorer.

You can install Windows 11 KB5008353 from the Update & Security menu in the Settings panel. In addition, the patch is available in the official Microsoft Update catalog.