Microsoft has added a set of new emoji to Windows 11

Among them is the legendary “Skrepysh”.

Microsoft added a set New Emoji in Windows 11

Microsoft is sending out a new optional update for Windows 11 that includes a number of important bug fixes and new Fluent Design-style emoji announced earlier this year.

The entire set of emoticons has lost the original 3D style that was originally promised by the developers. Instead, Microsoft opted for the classic 2D format.

Microsoft has added a set of new emojis to Windows 11

The collection of emojis also includes the legendary Clippy, who was available to users back in Office 97 and went down in history with Windows XP.

TheVerge writes that the rejection of 3D may be due to technical limitations of the Microsoft color font format used to display emoji inside Windows. While Apple uses bitmaps to render its emojis, Microsoft opts for vector format, which is much more scalable and has a file size advantage if the emojis are flatter.

The new emoji update rolls out gradually. If you want to access them as soon as possible, check for system updates manually: “Settings” → “Update and security” → “Windows Update” → “Check for updates”.

After the update is installed press the Windows key + “.” to open the updated emoji window.