WhatsApp received reworked voice messages

Six new features coming soon to all users. ” alt=”WhatsApp got redesigned voice messages” />

WhatsApp has announced a number of changes to voice messages that will make using the service more convenient (and more similar to Telegram).

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/whatsapp-poluchil-pererabotannye-golosovye-soobshhenija-d5f55ec.jpg" alt="WhatsApp received reworked voice messages" />

< p>There will be six new features in total:

  • Resume listening after leaving a chat is a feature that has been in testing on the iPhone for several weeks now. Allows you to view messages from other users while listening to a particularly long voice.
  • Pause recording – so you don't reset the recording if you are distracted or need to collect your thoughts.
  • Speech visualization – at a glance it will be clear where the pauses are.
  • Preview – to check whether everything was recorded correctly, even before sending.
  • Playback pauses – the application remembers at what second you paused listening, so that you can later was to continue from the same place.
  • Fast playback – now 1.5 or 2 times acceleration will be available for voices recorded for you personally, as well as for those that were sent to you from other users.

All of these features will be gradually rolled out to iOS and Android users in the coming weeks.