What is digital clothing and why people buy it

You won't see digital outfits in real life. And they are.

What is digital clothing and why do people buy it

Olga Skazkina Designer, founder of Ecoolska brand, entrepreneur.

What is digital clothing

This is computer graphics, it does not exist in reality. All things are created in a graphics editor, usually they are three-dimensional and animated. Digital clothing can be any wardrobe item: dresses, cardigans, shoes, sneakers, trousers, and so on.

Usually things are immediately customized for a specific buyer, so first they take his photos or conduct a new photo shoot. On this basis, a 3D avatar is developed, on which everything will be tried on. Further, the process differs little from the creation of real clothes. First, the idea of ​​a costume is born, the designer makes sketches and sketches, and then translates the final version into a three-dimensional format.

To put on such an outfit, you need to take a picture and apply the finished 3D model over the body. Without basic skills, working with graphic editors can be difficult, which is why brand designers often do this. In this case, it is enough to send them a photo in ordinary tight clothes.

Digital clothes are also used for sewing real collections and presenting things in online stores.

Who can use digital clothes

Bloggers and fashionistas who are looking for their own style.

< p>The former have to showcase new looks almost every day to surprise the audience, and digital things are perfect for this. They are much cheaper than real clothes created according to an individual design: usually their average price is in the Russian digital fashion marketplace Replicant in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 rubles. Also, digital outfits do not clutter up the wardrobe and do not need to be put in a suitcase to take with you on a trip.

In many ways, for the same reasons, digital clothing is also suitable for fashionistas: it is easier and cheaper to find a new look. In the virtual fitting room, you can put on clothes like Instagram masks. This helps to quickly decide on a style and purchase a physical thing that a person will be completely confident in.

What is digital clothing good for

It has several main advantages.

Protects nature

The entire fashion industry is created according to a linear system: produced – sold – thrown away. Few people think about the consequences for the environment, and only 1% of the materials usedReuse, Renew, Recycle: how 2020 became a turning point for green fashion/RBC in production is recycled raw materials. Digital fashion answers precisely this problem.

The development of digital clothing does not require fabric, paper and water. Many things are generally only available in digital format, and there is also no need to produce large-scale collections in order to accurately satisfy the needs of all buyers. Digital clothing not only saves resources, but also avoids overproduction.

Does not limit creativity

Working in the digital space makes it possible to be creative to the fullest. Fantasy is no longer limited by considerations of economy, the laws of physics and the need to make things convenient.

Artist Johanna Jaskowska in a $9,500 outfit

Giving young designers a chance

Digital clothing is a this is a great opportunity to build a starter collection. Designing digital things is much cheaper than sewing real ones. If the final result is successful, budding designers will be able to attract the first investors and make a name for themselves.

Where to try on and buy digital clothes

Appropriate stores and apps have already appeared.


The first Russian digital fashion marketplace. On the site you can find clothes from a variety of designers, such as Regina Turbina and Alexander Terekhov.

What is digital clothing and why people buy it

The purchase process is very simple: after purchasing the outfit, you send a photo and within 48 hours you will receive an option with a new digital look.


Augmented reality mobile application. To try on a digital bow, just upload a photo or point the camera at a person or reflection in a mirror.

What is digital clothing and why people buy it

ClometricaSerhii KomkovPrice: Free

What is digital clothing and why buy it


Price: Free

Texel Materia x Replicant

Telegram bot that helps evaluate digital outfits. When you upload a photo, the available clothing options will appear. You can try them on.

What is digital clothing and why people buy it

What is digital clothing and why do people buy it

By the way, the collection is updated daily, so that using a bot is always interesting.


Another digital clothing marketplace with its own twist. Here they sell not just digital outfits, but unique digital objects with a certificate confirming the right to own them.

What is digital clothing and why people buy it

The site sample is free. To do this, just register and upload your photo to your personal account – in two days the final result will appear in the “Virtual fitting” tab.

Will digital fashion replace the real one

Not really, because we there will always be a need for clothing. But over time, real and virtual boundaries will begin to blur more and more. And maybe in the future, many people will have 5-10 physical things, and the remaining 1532 will be digital.

Daniil Trabun, one of the first owners of digital clothes in Russia

Today, a generation is growing up for whom virtual reality is an important part of life. Now children change masks on Instagram, and in the future they will also change clothes. Hopefully, this will lead to more conscious consumption: things that are only needed for photographs can definitely be digitized. And designers and fashion houses will start saving on production by creating online collections and online showcases.