Unofficial YouTube Vanced is shutting down for good

Google took over.

Unofficial YouTube service Vanced is shutting down forever

Popular YouTube service Vanced has announced its closure. According to a comment Vanced gave to The Verge, this is due to Google's demand to remove all references to YouTube, links to related products and change the logo.

Unofficial YouTube Vanced is shutting down permanently

The service offered Android users free access to YouTube's premium features, including ad blocking and picture-in-picture mode. The application also added a truly dark theme and a number of settings that are not in the official video hosting client.

The developers noted that in the coming days they will remove the link to download the client from their website and stop supporting the application. Already installed clients will continue to work until they become completely obsolete (according to the authors, this will happen in two years).

The Vanced Twitter account also offered an alternative to its service: a YouTube Premium subscription (not available in Russia).