“Alice” learned to answer calls and record telephone conversations

The feature can already be enabled on iOS and Android. -ed15a0f.jpg” alt=””Alice” learned to answer calls and record telephone conversations” />

“Alice” received new features: now she can act as a telephone assistant, answering unwanted calls instead of the user. The service is free for Yandex.Plus subscribers, but some operators may charge a redirect fee.

To activate it, just open the Yandex app on iOS or Android and tell the voice assistant something like “Alice, start answering calls.” A page will appear with instructions on how to set up call forwarding of blocked calls to Alice. Next, you will need to select the messenger to which the assistant will send the recording of the conversation and its text transcript. Yandex, Telegram and Viber are available at the start, WhatsApp should be added later.

It is worth noting that the function only works when the caller ID from Yandex is turned on. If it hasn't been set up yet, the first step is to enable this service (it's free). In addition, the user must have the “Internet calls” function disabled (you can check it on the website or in the operator's application).

As VC.ru notes with reference to company representatives, Alisa will answer the call if the user has dropped it, or if the user is unavailable or does not pick up the phone for more than 20 seconds. In addition, if the user has enabled the “Spam call blocking” function, calls from numbers marked as spam or fraudulent by the identifier will also be redirected to the assistant.

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&laquo ;Alice» learned to answer calls and record telephone conversations


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