The designer showed the concept of iOS 16 with Always On mode and interactive widgets

Plus a crypto wallet in Apple Pay and a free arrangement of desktop elements. always-on-i-interaktivnymi-widzhetami-991a3cb.jpg” alt=”Designer shows iOS 16 concept with Always On mode and interactive widgets” />

The Hacker 34 YouTube channel has iOS presentation concept 16. In it, the author demonstrates the features that he would like to see in the next system update.

Here are the main innovations shown in the video:

  • Always On mode, in which the date, time and missed notifications.
  • Ability to assign functions to the two shortcut icons on the lock screen.
  • Ability to move app elements on top of others for multitasking.
  • App Dock a- For macOS.
  • Split screen mode.

  • Redesigned control center with the ability to create smart stacks for settings and the option to quickly allow or deny access to the camera and microphone.
  • Interactive widgets that allow you to perform simple actions right from the desktop without opening the app.
  • Apple Pay cryptocurrency wallet integration
  • Tiny low battery notification
  • New desktop customization options backgrounds, including icon sets and free layout.

Which of these features would you like to see in iOS 16? Or perhaps you are interested in something not listed above? Share your expectations in the comments!