How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving home

Detailed instructions will help you decide on the equipment, choose the ideal angles and record high-quality sound. -iz-doma-926e9b7.jpg” alt=”How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving your home” />

Anna Khlebnikova

Founder of the Videoset-insta studio

How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving home

Anna Khlebnikova Entrepreneur, media manager and founder of Videoset-insta video production studio.

What equipment you need

If you are a beginner, you should not immediately spend money on expensive equipment. You can get by with a minimal set.

Smartphone or camera

Now you can shoot high-quality video on almost any phone in the price range of 15-20 thousand rubles. The main thing – do not forget to wipe the lenses with a dry cloth before shooting. You probably often take the phone in your hands, and if the camera is not cleaned, the picture will be muddy. You won't be able to fix this during installation.

Also, always choose the maximum resolution – ideally, if it is 4K. This is important for framing: you can enlarge, crop the frame, change the aspect ratio for publishing videos on different sites.

If the quality of shooting on a smartphone does not suit you, buy an inexpensive video camera that mounts on a tripod – you can meet 10-20 thousand rubles. Here are budget models: Canon IVY REC, Sony DCR‑SX65E, Rekam DVC‑560. And more expensive options: Sony HDR‑CX405, Sony HDR‑AS300.


The viewer can forgive a bad picture, but never a bad sound. I do not advise using the smartphone's built-in microphone: it is sensitive to extraneous noise.

Better buy a separate one – an inexpensive lavalier will do. Such a microphone will cost you about 3-5 thousand rubles. Excellent budget options are Aputure Deity V.Lav and Boya BY‑M1.


Of course, you can put a camera or phone on a stack of books or a box, but it’s better to immediately buy a tripod with height adjustment – it costs about 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Using it is much more convenient and easier than building shaky structures every time.

A quality, durable tripod will do. For example, consider the HAMA Star‑61, Raylab Travel 63, and Falcon Eyes Travel Line 3600 models.

Light fixture

In extreme cases, you can get by with daylight, but I do not recommend choosing this option. Such lighting is uncontrollable, so if you're not lucky, the picture on the video will constantly change. And if the shooting drags on, the light at the end of the video will be completely different from the one at the beginning.

A chandelier will not work either: if you limit yourself to it, deep shadows will appear under your eyes and nose in the video.
Not bad the minimum option is a table lamp and a diffuser (for example, white cloth or thin paper).

Even better, if you can buy one or two ring lamps, such as a WALKER WLR-3010 or Raylab RL-0210 Kit, and a video softbox. A good option is the Godox SB‑FW30120. One lamp will cost you about 3 thousand rubles, and a softbox will cost about 2 thousand.


It is ideal for beginners and for those who are afraid to perform in front of the camera to such an extent, that the words planned according to the script fly out of my head. But it’s also useful for everyone else: it’s easier to shoot, there are fewer takes. With a teleprompter, you will be able to speak calmly and confidently, knowing that you will not miss or forget anything.

Such equipment costs an average of 9 thousand rubles. Good options are Bestview T2 and Pixaero Mobus. But you can save money if you have a laptop – just use a free teleprompter program, for example, from the site tv.panomama.ru.

You can also install a smartphone application – free or inexpensive. Here are options with a number of free features: Parrot Teleprompter, a teleprompter from BIGVU (iOS and Android), PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter (iOS). And inexpensive applications: Nano Teleprompter (Android), Video Teleprompter Lite (iOS).

How to arrange a place for filming in an apartment

If you have a spacious beautiful room, part of which you are ready to give away as a studio, feel free to use it.

How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving home

If there is no way to equip some area specifically for filming, it’s not scary. You can shoot near the desktop, against the background of shelving or bookshelves. Just don't forget to remove everything else to make the interior look neat.

How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving home

If the theme allows, you can shoot videos in the kitchen:

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/kak-snimat-kachestvennye-videoroliki-ne-vyhodja-iz-doma-108ab49.jpg" alt="How to shoot quality videos without leaving your at home" />

Or in the bedroom:

How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving your home

Another option is a wall, preferably plain or with a simple pattern, textured, neutral color.

An important point: if you are using a wall as a background, do not stand directly in front of it, but take two or three steps forward. Then the picture will look more voluminous.

If there is no place with a suitable design in the apartment, use a photophone. The most budget option is to fix a dense fabric on the wall. A more expensive option is to buy a special holder, such as a crossbar, and a fabric background.

A special background costs from 2.5 thousand rubles, an example of a budget option is Fotokvant BG‑3030. Fasteners (installation systems) – about 5 thousand. Examples are Falcon Eyes B‑010 and Fujimi FJBS‑8715.

When shooting from the background, it is also worth moving a few steps forward. vyhodja-iz-doma-d4d1c26.jpg” alt=”How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving your home” />

An advantage of this option: you do not need to equip the interior for video shooting. Minus: if there is not enough space in the apartment, each time the background will have to be removed.

How to set a frame so that the video looks professional

It is not necessary to learn the art of cinematography – you can shoot a simple video without it if you strictly follow the instructions.

Remove everything unnecessary from the frame

The more distracting details, the more overloaded the picture will be. At worst, you'll feel chaotic.

Adjust camera height and frame size

Decide whether you're comfortable and easier to record video while sitting or standing. And if you sit, then decide on what. The height of the camera depends on this.

Choose the right plan for shooting. Of course, during editing, you can crop the image, but the picture will only be enlarged, not moved away.

Standard shooting plans:

  • General: a full-length person. A good option if you need to show the environment in which the hero is.

How to make quality videos without leaving home

  • Medium: above the knees. The pose and gestures are clearly visible.

How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving home

  • Large: from the chest. Perfectly conveys emotions and facial expressions.

How to shoot high-quality videos without leaving home

Have you chosen the right plan? Now use the rule of thirds. Visually divide the frame into nine equal parts – smartphones have a 3 × 3 grid mode for this. Position the main objects on the lines and intersection points – this is where viewers often focus their attention.

How to make quality videos without leaving home

If you plan to publish videos on different sites, then during the shooting you should be in the center of the frame, in the middle part of the grid. Then you can change the aspect ratio without cutting off the excess – turn a horizontal video into a square or even a vertical one.

Shoot a test take. Make sure that:

  • there is not too much free space above the head;
  • the top border of the frame does not “cut off” the crown;
  • there is no cropping of the frame joints: elbows, knees, wrists.

If you notice such errors, move your camera and take another test take.

A word of advice: if possible, don't fold or remove your tripod after shooting. So next time you don't have to set the frame from scratch.

Balance the left and right parts of the frame in size and number of elements

This is necessary so that the picture does not “fall over” sideways, like here:

How to shoot quality videos without leaving from home

If you want to move, for example, to the right, place a presentation or other large object on the left side of the frame.

How to shoot quality videos without leaving home

How to find the perfect angle

The safest and most versatile option is to have a camera at eye level or slightly higher. Firstly, this angle in itself does not produce any effect on the viewer. Secondly, thanks to him, facial features are not distorted. Moreover, if you position the camera just above eye level, the cheekbones will be smoothed out, and the neck and chin will look better.

All other angles have their own characteristics. If the camera is well above eye level, the person appears to be vulnerable or frightened. If, on the contrary, it is much lower, it gives the impression that he dominates, demonstrates strength or even threatens. In addition, the lower the camera is placed, the more facial features are distorted.

The Dutch angle (shooting at an angle and from the bottom up) is disorienting. This angle is often used in films to show the difficult psychological state of the protagonist, so it is better to do without it in home videos.

How to use light in home shooting

The most important thing in a good picture is the right lighting. You can pay as much attention as you like to framing, choosing an angle, background, camera, but if the lighting is inappropriate, all your efforts will be in vain.

Incorrectly set light can age you, “draw” bruises under gases and visually add a few kilos, so pay maximum attention to this moment.

Limit to fill light if you have only one lamp

How to shoot quality videos without leaving from home

Cover the windows with thick curtains or blinds so that daylight does not affect the picture.

Place the lamp above the camera or to the side of it – just above the subject. This way you get lighting with a minimum amount of shadows.

If the lamp is not LED, place a “screen” of white cloth or thin paper between you and the lighting fixture to soften the light. Due to this, wrinkles and skin irregularities will be less noticeable.

Please note: warm light makes the picture more comfortable, cold light makes it official and strict. If you don't know which is better, choose a neutral one.

Use fill and backlight if you have two lamps

How to shoot quality videos without leaving home

Put the first lamp on the side of the camera or above it, just above the subject.

Place the second one behind your back so that the light falls on the back of the head and shoulders – this will be the backlight. This is how you separate yourself in the frame from the background. It is desirable that the backlight and fill light match in temperature.

It is possible to combine cold and warm, but this is not a task for a beginner, therefore, without the necessary knowledge and skills, it is easier to spoil the frame than to achieve a cool effect.

Add background light to backlight and fill if you have three lights

How to shoot quality videos without leaving from home

Place the first lamp on the side of the camera or above it, just above the subject. Place the second one behind your back so that the light falls on the back of the head and shoulders.

Direct the light of the third lamp to the background. The device can be placed near it so that the light falls from the bottom up, and behind your back (while the backlight source should be closer to you), and to the side.

Try all three options and see which one you like best to you. Cold, warm light or even colored lamps are suitable – it depends on what mood you want to set.

If there are four light sources, include one of them in the frame

How to shoot quality videos without leaving home

Place the first lamp on the side of the camera or above it, just above the subject. Position the second behind your back so that the light falls on the back of your head and shoulders. Direct the light of the third lamp to the background behind you.

Add a point light source – unlike the other lamps, it will be in the frame. For example, you can place a floor lamp near a wall or background, arrange a garland on bookshelves, put a candle on the table.

How to achieve the perfect sound

A bad picture is forgivable. After all, some viewers listen to recordings like podcasts while doing other things and rarely looking at the screen. But videos with bad sound will not be watched. Therefore, it is worth taking the following steps.

Work on the quality of the audio track

Here are some tips to help you with this:

  • Turn off and remove everything that creates extraneous noise. Close the window tightly. Ask household members not to disturb you.
  • Get rid of the echo – spread pillows around the room, close the curtains, cover the walls with textiles.
  • Make sure that your clothes and accessories will not interfere with the recording. You may not notice that the collar of the shirt is rustling, the chain is ringing, and the beads are tapping, but on the record it will hurt the ear. Turn on the microphone, move silently, gesticulate, and then listen to the recording. If there are extraneous noises, change clothes, remove accessories.
  • Connect two recording channels: for example, a lavalier and a voice recorder on your phone. Otherwise, one mistake in the settings or a program crash – and several hours of shooting will simply be lost.
  • Make a test recording and listen to it. If the sound is too quiet or loud, or there is extraneous noise, fix it. Keep testing until you get a good sound.
  • An hour before shooting, eat, rest, try to relax. The stronger the tension, the tighter the voice will be. Bring water to the “set” so you can drink if your throat gets dry.
  • Be sure to do articulation exercises to speak clearly, confidently and beautifully.
  • Before you start shooting, think about something pleasant, smile, relax your body – especially your shoulders and jaws – and remind yourself that if you stumble or do something wrong, you can always reshoot a bad take. The less excitement and stiffness in front of the camera, the more pleasant the audience will listen to you.

Use a teleprompter

Bad sound is not only a ringing in the microphone, an echo or the noise of a neighbor's puncher. It is also constant hesitation, parasitic words, endless “uh” and “mmm”. A teleprompter will help you speak confidently, calmly and without forgetting anything. In order not to be conspicuous what you are reading from the screen:

  • Put the teleprompter away, make the text larger. So the eyes will not run over the lines.
  • Add interjections, colloquial vocabulary to the text. If you need to pause, insert a blank line.
  • Adjust the text speed to suit your comfort.
  • While recording, use gestures, facial expressions, show emotions, do not be afraid to take your eyes off the text. The tighter the pose, the worse.
  • Be sure to rehearse with a teleprompter, go through the whole text at least once!

Another little tip: start shooting with a loud clap in palms. This way you can quickly synchronize video and audio tracks. Otherwise, the editing will have to catch the movements of the lips and compare them with the sound, and this is very difficult.


  1. Arrange a place for video recording, remove everything unnecessary from the frame, make sure that the left and right parts of the picture are balanced. If you are filming against a wall or fabric, take two or three steps forward before recording.
  2. Select the height at which the camera will be positioned and the shot: wide, medium, close. Position the camera at eye level or slightly higher. Make sure that there is not too much free space above your head, the edges of the frame do not “cut off” the crown or joints. Do a test take.
  3. Isolate daylight. Place the lamp above the camera or slightly to the side, about 10 degrees above the subject. If the lamp is not LED, soften the light with cloth or paper.
  4. If there are additional light sources, use backlight (which falls on the back of the head and shoulders) and background (highlights background details).
  5. Remove all sources of extraneous noise. Turn on duplicate microphones. Make a test recording and listen to it.
  6. An hour before shooting, eat, relieve stress (for example, take a walk), put yourself in order. Then do articulation exercises and bring water to the “set”.
  7. Before recording a video, straighten your shoulders, lift your chin, think about something good and pleasant, smile. Remind yourself that you can always reshoot a bad take.
  8. When recording a video, use a teleprompter and don't forget to clap your hands at the beginning of the video. 🙂

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