Russia is developing a mobile OS to compete with Android

Experts do not believe in its potential. What do you think?

Russia is developing a mobile OS to compete with Android

Viktor Podvolotsky

Author of Lifehacker

Russia is developing a mobile OS to compete with Android

The Russian company “NTC IT Rosa” is working on an operating system for mobile devices, which should become the second domestic product in this class (after “Aurora”). This was reported by RBC.

Oleg Karpitsky, General Director of STC IT Rosa, has already confirmed this, noting that the company plans to present the result of its work to the market in the near future. Then the details about the OS will appear.

The creator of LiveInternet German Klimenko believes that such a system should be created for a specific mobile device.

You can’t take a ready-made smartphone, “demolish” Android or iOS and install a conditional “Aurora”, a smartphone must initially be independent of existing operating systems.

German Klimenko

Director of the Internet Research Institute Karen Kazaryan believes that the potential of the new mobile OS is zero.

If earlier it was possible to hope for some kind of production, now it is already difficult to believe in this project, as in any other project, it is problematic to physically produce mobile devices in Russia, and now it is practically impossible abroad.

Karen Kazaryan

It is known that at the end of 2014, STC IT Rosa Mobile program. Its mobile version has been in development since 2011, but the project has been put on hold. It is possible that it may be associated with a new domestic OS.

Also, work is currently underway on another Russian OS for smartphones – from Kaspersky Lab. There are no data about her either.