Google announced a feature to automatically switch headphones between devices

Like Apple with AirPods.

Google announced the function of auto-switching headphones between devices

Viktor Podvolotsky

Author of Lifehacker

Google announced the function of auto-switching headphones between devices

Google reported on the implementation in Android of the function of automatically switching headphones between user devices. It will initially be exclusive to Pixel Buds Pro, but should be available to accessories from Sony, JBL, and select other manufacturers in a few weeks.

Reconnection will take place without user interaction and opening settings, using Google Fast Pair technology. It will rely on contextual information to change the source depending on your actions, the developers noted.

In other words, scripts are written for all the sounds that your gadget can make. So, if you are listening to music on your tablet, but someone calls you on your smartphone, the headphones will automatically switch to receive the call.

To prevent this feature from becoming as annoying as on AirPods, which can constantly switch between iPad and iPhone, Google will implement a quick return to the previous device button. This will be a one-tap action.

The auto-switch feature only works with Android at the moment, but Google says it's working to cover “more of your favorite platforms and devices” over time.

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