Recent updates to Windows 10 and 11 may interfere with remote work

Users suggest to wait with the installation of updates.

Latest Windows 10 and 11 updates may interfere with remote work

KB5009543 for Windows 10 and KB5009566 for Windows 11, released on January 11, prevent you from connecting to VPN via L2TP protocol. This protocol is used by some clients for remote work.

The problem is actively discussed in a thread on the Reddit forum. Users recommend pausing the download and installation of patches in Windows Update (the “Update and security” item in the operating system settings).

If the updates have already been installed, you can use the PowerShell script:

  • if (get-hotfix -id KB5009543) { wusa /uninstall /kb:5009543 } (for Windows 10),
  • if (get-hotfix -id KB5009566 ) { wusa /uninstall /kb :KB5009566 } (for Windows 11).

You need to run it as an administrator. The script will allow you to remove the update and restore the normal operation of the VPN via the L2TP protocol.