OnlyFans stopped serving accounts of content authors from Russia

These are the consequences of the sanctions. =”OnlyFans has stopped serving Russian content creator accounts” />

OnlyFans reported that it “can no longer properly serve the Russian creative community.” The service considered several options for continuing to provide services to authors, but due to the tightening of restrictions on payments to and from Russia, the platform decided to freeze their accounts indefinitely.

Earlier, OnlyFans has already suspended access to the platform for authors from Russia from -for the inability to process invoices, but after some time the service solved the problem and returned full access for everyone.

Now the situation has probably changed again. The reason for this could be the tightening of sanctions against Russia.

OnlyFans is a service where content authors can earn money from users who subscribe to their content. Chefs, fitness enthusiasts and musicians can earn money with it, but the main part of the platform's content is videos of erotic content and pornography.