Nearby Share on Android will get a “Send to Yourself” feature –

Nearby Share on Android will get a “Send to Yourself” feature

The AirDrop analog will become even more convenient. alt=”Nearby Share on Android will get a Send to Self feature” />

In 2020, Google finally offered an alternative to AirDrop for Android called Nearby Share. It allows you to share files and links between devices without the need for messenger, cloud or email. And now, in anticipation of Google I/O, some users have begun to notice an update in the work of Nearby Share.

Thus, in the device discovery settings, in addition to the options “Visible to everyone” and “Only to contacts”, a third option has appeared – “Your devices.” The description of this item clarifies that no confirmation is required to upload files to devices that are signed in with your Google account.

Nearby Share on Android will get Send to Self feature

For the first time this function became known at the beginning of the year. It is referred to in the application code as “Send to Myself” and will allow you to protect yourself from spam transmission requests without losing the ability to send documents from your phone to your computer.

It is not yet known when the new setting will be available to all users: it seems that Currently testing on a small group of users. There is a good chance that we will hear the details at Google I/O, where Android 13 will be fully presented.