Mozilla ends support for Firefox Lockwise password manager

But users will still have access to the passwords themselves. alt=”Mozilla is ending support for the Firefox Lockwise password manager” />

Mozilla has officially announced that on December 13th it will be ending support for the Firefox Lockwise password manager, formerly known as Lockbox. The final versions of the app are 1.8.1 and 4.0.3 for iOS and Android, respectively, and will no longer be available for download after that date.

Although the app will no longer exist, the Firefox password manager itself will remain available for mobile and mobile users. desktop versions of the browser. In December, the default Firefox app for iOS will receive an update that will allow saved passwords to be used in all apps that support autofill.

The company also noted that the Firefox core app will be getting Lockwise features on all platforms soon – so this is not about abandoning one product, but rather about integrating it into the main browser.