Microsoft releases first major Windows 11 update

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Microsoft has announced the release of the first major Windows 11 22H2 update in more than 190 countries around the world. In the official blog, the developers spoke in detail about all the improvements. Chose the main thing.

  • File Explorer now has tabs for better organization of file usage sessions. And the new home page in the manager gives you quick access to your favorite and recent files. The most important documents can be pinned for easy access.

Microsoft releases first major update to Windows 11

  • The updated Photos app has a redesigned gallery that makes it easier to view, find, manage and use your photo collection. It's also possible to back up images using OneDrive.
  • There are new, more versatile Snap layouts with improved touch navigation and the ability to snap multiple Edge browser tabs.

Microsoft releases first major Windows 11 update< /p>

  • The taskbar, when overflowing with icons, now offers the ability to view all hidden applications that did not fit into the scope in a separate space by pressing a new button.
  • When copying a phone number and future dates, the system will now be able to prompt you to immediately call using Teams or Skype, or add the event to the Calendar app.
  • Added new Focus sessions with Do Not Disturb mode. It disables alerts, taskbar icons, and app notifications. Focus is also integrated with the Clock app and can start a timer to help you focus on a task or take a break.

Microsoft releases first major Windows 11 update

  • New accessibility features are available, including system-wide live captioning (Narrator or Live Captions) to automatically create captions from any form of audio content in Windows 11, and Voice Access, which allows you to control your PC with your voice and dictate text.
  • The Camera has been updated and Windows Studio sound effects have been improved to help you look and sound your best during conference calls using AI algorithms. This mode filters out background noise, blurs the background, and applies auto-framing as you move.

Microsoft releases first major Windows 11 update

  • A new Smart App Control function has been added, which is designed to block attacks or run untrusted applications. True, it will be available only with a clean installation of Windows 11, when there are definitely no third-party programs on the device.
  • Microsoft Defender's new SmartScreen filter will now detect when people enter their Microsoft credentials into a malicious app or hacked website and alert you to the threat.
  • Added Clipchamp as the new default video editing app with templates , effects, and other useful tools.

Microsoft releases first major Windows 11 update

  • Amazon Appstore Preview expands to new markets with over 20,000 Android apps and games for compatible Windows 11 devices.

Some of these improvements will be available to all users now, but some of the announced features will not appear until October. To check for an update for your PC, right-click the Start icon, then select Settings → Windows Update → Check for Updates.

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