Joan of Arc, Mozart and Da Vinci: 20 Contemporary Portraits of Famous Historical Figures

This is probably what their Instagram posts would look like if they were alive today.

Joan of Arc, Mozart and da Vinci: 20 modern portraits of famous historical figures

Brazilian artist Hidreli Diao uses FaceApp and a neural network to create realistic portraits of famous historical figures.

He finds images in photo stocks that look like great people of the past, and then overlays preserved portraits and sculptures of these people using the Artbreeder neural network. For further refinement, he uses FaceApp. According to the author, each portrait takes no more than 2 hours: without AI, it would be impossible to achieve such deadlines.

Diao notes that he was inspired to create these images by the work of the Dutch photographer Bas Uterwijk, whom Lifehacker has already talked about earlier.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Marie Antoinette

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George Washington

Leonardo da Vinci


Julius Caesar

Alexander the Great



Vasco da Gama

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ludwig van Beethoven

Antonio Vivaldi

Joan of Arc

Isaac Newton

William Shakespeare

Frida Kahlo

Vincent van Gogh

Sandro Botticelli

Marquise de Pompadour