iPad will become more like a MacBook, and lock screen widgets will appear on the iPhone

On Apple tablets, it will be even more convenient to work in multi-window mode.

iPad will become more like a MacBook, and widgets for the lock screen will appear on the iPhone

Viktor Podvolotsky

Author of Lifehacker

iPad will become more like a MacBook, and widgets for the lock screen will appear on the iPhone

June 6 at WWDC, Apple will introduce an updated version of the iPad OS, with which iPads will become even more like laptops. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman shared these and some other details.

According to the source, iPadOS 16 will feature a redesigned multi-window interface that will make it easier to multi-task and switch between open apps.

The new OS will also allow users to resize app windows and offer new ways to work with multiple apps at the same time. In terms of user experience, this will bring the iPad closer to the MacBook, the insider notes.

Currently, iPad users can either run apps in full-screen mode like they do on the iPhone, or open two windows next to the split screen and optionally display a compact third app window in the corner.

The new iPad interface will be one of the most major updates at WWDC, but will also feature fresh OS versions for iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

  • Thus, iOS 16 should have new features in Messages, widgets for lock screen, an improved Health app, and possibly AOD support.
  • Redesigned apps, including System Preferences, will be announced for macOS.
  • In the Apple Watch firmware, the company plans to change watch faces, system navigation and several apps. There will be a new low power mode that will allow users to extend the battery life of the device when the battery is low.

The main presentation of WWDC 2022, where all these changes should be announced, will take place on the evening of June 6.< /p> Cover art: ms_pics_and_more/Shutterstock