For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free photo stocks

Here you can find high-quality images for your blog, project or social networks. 30-besplatnyh-fotostokov-9e84fbc.jpg” alt=”For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free stock photos” />

Natalya Rafalskaya

For bloggers, designers and all-all-all: 30 free photostocks

1. Freepik

For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free stock photos

The free collection of Freepik has over 4 million files, including photos, vectors, icons and PSD, and the number of Premium assets has exceeded 20 million. The search settings allow you to exclude paid materials, select the main color of the image, as well as the presence of people in the frame, their number, age and ethnicity.

Without registration, you can download 3 photos a day, and with a free account – up to 10. Without a Premium subscription, the use of images for commercial purposes or a personal blog is possible with an indication that the photo was taken from Freepik and an active link in a prominent place.

Freepik →

2. Burst

For bloggers, designers and all-all-all: 30 free photo stocks

Burst photobank was created by Shopify, a well-known developer of software for retail and online stores. The project was launched with entrepreneurs in mind — to make it easier for them to optimize their websites and promote their products. Especially for this audience, the Business Ideas tab is available, the images of which are sorted by promoted products: jewelry, clothing, accessories, fashion, gadgets, and more. You can download a high-resolution file without registration.

The platform also allows you to use the content in educational projects, in working with clients, in print advertising, in developing menus and designing web resources. Photos can be safely printed on T-shirts and mugs, and then sold – no one will say a word.

Burst →

3. Pexels

For bloggers, designers and all-all-all: 30 free photo stocks

Photo for a banner, newsletter, website header or blog post – a vast collection of Pexels at your service. Backgrounds, covers, images and videos can be downloaded for free and without registration, and then edited at your discretion. You do not need to put a link to the source, mentioning the photographer or the platform itself is also not required, but welcome. After downloading, the resource offers to thank the author on Twitter – support him with a like, a subscription, or a ruble.

Pexels →

4. Unsplash

For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free stock photos

The number of free Unsplash images has crossed the two million mark. The already plump archive is replenished weekly with the work of dozens of novice and professional photographers. By the way, each of them can be thanked and rewarded at will. High resolution images are available for download, including 4K photos.

Unsplash →

5. Free Images

For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free stock photos

Free Images has over 380,000 free photos and illustrations. In total, users have 26 popular categories at their disposal. The use of some images may require permission from the author, but all restrictions can be found directly on the download page.

Free Images →

6. Free Stock Images

For bloggers, designers and /></p>
<p>Free Stock Images has over 100,000 high-resolution images to its credit. Here you can also find both footage and HD videos from the categories “City”, “Technology”, “Business”, “Nature and Landscapes”, “Animals”, “People”, “Food and Drinks”. There is no need to waste time on registration: just select the appropriate file and you can download.</p>
<p>Free Stock Images →</p>
<h2>7. FreeMediaGoo</h2>
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The site honestly admits: its library does not have tens of thousands of photos from agencies that turn over millions of dollars. The archive is modest. And it rests on the authors, who are deeply convinced that the lack of money is not an obstacle to the advancement of art. Enthusiasts post content in the public domain and do not require links in return. FreeMediaGoo has photos, videos and textures.

FreeMediaGoo →

8. Foodies Feed -ec40964.jpg” alt=”For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free photo stocks” />

Foodies Feed digital tables are bursting with an abundance of juicy food photos: snacks, drinks, first and second courses, vegetables and fruits – content with a CC0 license (works transferred to the public domain to the maximum extent permitted by law) are shared by skilled food photographers. There is no usual heading on the site, but there is a search by tags, as well as sorting by the popularity of images and the date they were uploaded.

Foodies Feed →

9. Life of Pix fotostokov-6ece414.jpg” alt=”For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free stock photos” />

Life of Pix is ​​the brainchild of Canadian digital marketing agency LEEROY. In 14 categories you will find high-quality works of professional photographers, hand-selected by moderators. Materials are allowed to be used for personal and commercial purposes without attribution, but mass distribution is prohibited. In addition to photos, the resource also offers free videos for download.

Life of Pix →

10. PicJumbo

For bloggers, designers and /></p>
<p>PicJumbo stock photo was launched in 2013. It was created by designer and photographer Viktor Hanachek in response to the refusal of major photo banks to accept his work. And two years later, the number of downloads from PicJumbo exceeded 2.5 million. Today, the platform boasts an excellent selection of free images from 20 different categories.</p>
<p>PicJumbo →</p>
<h2>11. SplitShire</h2>
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SplitShire Free Stock Photo is the brainchild of generous professional photographer and web designer Daniel Nanescu. Here he uploaded his own materials, which he did not find use for: a huge number of high-quality works from 19 categories, including videos, are available to everyone for free.

SplitShire →

12. Freerange Stock -c8ed83f.jpg” alt=”For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free photo stocks” />

Freerange Stock contains an extensive archive of basic photos and illustrations from 31 categories – choose yes Of what. True, to download files, you will have to spend time and go through the mandatory registration procedure.

Freerange Stock→

13. Gratisography

For bloggers, designers, and everyone: 30 free stock photos

The project belongs to the American photographer and graphic designer Ryan McGuire – Gratisography has a lot of his curious and unique works. You will have to register on the site, then you can download the desired photo in just one click.

Gratisography →

14. StockSnap

For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free stock photos

Every week, the StockSnap database grows with over 100 new images, all in high resolution. A simple and convenient search system includes sorting filters by views, categories, tags, upload date and number of downloads – no need to spend hours turning pages.

StockSnap →

15. Stockvault

For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free stock photos

The site has been offering free photos, graphics and vectors since 2004. Since then, the archive has gained a decent amount of weight and today has over 138,000 files. When uploading, you should pay attention to the annotations, because the authors specify different types of licenses: some images can be freely used for commercial purposes, while others, on the contrary, only for personal use.

Stockvault →

16. Titania Foto -008b942.jpg” alt=”For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free stock photos” />

A small but varied collection by photographers from Germany. There are shots of nature, landscapes, cities, food and drinks, various animals and birds, as well as simply abstract textures. Images are free to use without attribution.

Titania Foto →

17. Pikwizard

For bloggers, designers and all-all-all: 30 free photostocks

Thousands of free photos on a variety of topics. The quality is impressive. Importantly, there are many pictures of people in natural, not staged poses. Photos are distributed under two licenses: Free and CC0. Pictures from the first do not even need to be signed in any way, while the second requires attribution.

Pikwizard →

18. Negative Space

For bloggers, designers and /></p>
<p>The Negative Space platform allows amateur photographers to share their images with the world. The site is updated quite often, adding to the collection of photos. A lot of the pictures are dedicated to the UK, since Negative Space is based there, but there are a lot of photos from other countries as well. Authorship is optional, but it is welcomed by the creators of the site.</p>
<p>Negative Space →</p>
<h2>19. Reshot</h2>
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A large library of specially selected unique photographs. According to the authors, it was created for startups, freelancers and creatives who are tired of banal and tasteless stock photos. Snapshots are free for commercial use and do not require attribution.

Reshot →

20. Free Stoks -579be79.jpg” alt=”For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free photo stocks” />

A selection of free photos from little-known independent photographers. They are allowed to be used for both personal and commercial purposes. There are photos with animals, architecture, fashion, food and drink, nature and technology.

Free Stocks →

21. FOCA Stock -c367e90.jpg” alt=”For Bloggers, Designers, and Everyone: 30 Free Photo Stocks” />

A collection of free, high resolution photos from photography specialist Jeffrey Betts nature and jobs. All images are licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 license.

FOCA Stock →

22. Picography fotostokov-06da7bc.jpg” alt=”For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free photo stocks” />

Project containing beautiful free stock photos. Founded by photographer David Meyer, but filled with other artists too. Licensed under Creative Commons CC0.

Picography →

23. Kaboom Pics

For bloggers, designers and /></p>
<p>Here you will find a wide selection of high-quality stock photos: city views, fashion, food, landscapes and just abstractions. Pictures can be used for commercial purposes.</p>
<p>Kaboom Pics →</p>
<h2>24. SkitterPhoto</h2>
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All photos on this resource are in public use. They can be downloaded, edited and even used for commercial purposes. The service provides a large collection of pictures for blogs, websites and media.

SkitterPhoto →

25. Jay Mantri

For bloggers, designers and /></p>
<p>A resource for photographer Jay Mantry who publishes photos under a Creative Commons CC0 license. The subjects of the photographs are the most extensive, but most often there are natural landscapes.</p>
<p>Jay Mantri →</p>
<h2>26. Picspree</h2>
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A large selection of photos on a variety of topics. The collection is updated every day. All images are licensed by CCO.

ISO Republic →

28. Startup Stock Photos (SSP)

For bloggers, designers and /></p>
<p>The resource is positioned as a library of free images for startups, but it will be useful to anyone who is looking for photos on the topic of work and gadgets. A rather modest database contains pictures with people in an office setting and equipment, there is a search. Credit is encouraged but not required.</p>
<p>SSP →</p>
<h2>29. Public Domain Archive</h2>
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A large archive of photos provided for public use. All photos in it are divided into two large categories: modern and vintage.

Public Domain Archive →

30. Flickr

For bloggers, designers and everyone: 30 free photo stocks

Flickr is one of the world's largest image hosts, powered by Yahoo. It contains just an incredible amount of author's photographs. Please note that not all images here are free to use, so check the photo's license before downloading.

Flickr →

Text updated June 2022.

Cover: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock Text edited by: Natalya Rafalskaya, Daria Gromova